Eagle electrolytic library

Hello everyone,

I'm working on my first design, and I want to do the board layout in Eagle. Sorry if this is covered elsewhere, but I cannot find a footprint/symbol library for electrolytic capacitors. I specifically need a 22mm diameter round base electrolytic with 10 mm spacing between the tabs. This would be for a Cornell Dubilier 450V 56uF cap (381LR560M450H012 is the part number).

I've been searching even for a generic footprint/symbol/etc, and I cannot find it. Can anyone point me to a good resource?

Lots of thanks,
I actually did make a footprint, but i had a few concerns. One was that I couldn’t get the schematic symbol that i drew to associate to the new footprint. Another concern I had, and this is inexperience, is, does my new footprint have the necessary information for drilling, solder mask, screen printing, etc. Is Eagle smart enough to know the pads shouldn’t be solder masked?