EAD E60 and jordan JXR6HD

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hi everybody,
i just came on this forum a few days ago and had some advices for a little box using Jordan JXR 6HD.. then I decided to buy but:
*My french dealer is out of stock an does not know when he'll get some
*I saw in others on line shops that the Jordan was no more available and that the Esoteric Audio Device EAD E60 could be use instead.
*I can still have the jordan from a canadian dealer (may be others too)

Does anybody knows about that EAD E60, I mean about his sound quality..it seam to give a little more bass for my prject (VB 2.8l ).

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I think I'm right in saying the JXR6 was a collab between Ted Jordan and Mark Fenton, I imagine Mark had alot of input in the chassis design. One of my fav

I'd hope the new one has a round chassis with perhaps a straight 'slice' on either side for close unit pairing. I wonder if it will have a dust cap or some kind of pole piece
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for my home system I have for the moment a pair of Dynaudio audience and i would like to improve; so I think of a line aray with 4 JXR6HD (if available in the coming months) + a raven R2 or Aurum Cantus G2,
i'll keep my tow bass active boxes for sub ( peerless wls10)
If some body has that kind of project I am very interested to have "good" details
A couple of people I know who run a hi-fi company measured the previous Fountek and found its distortion performance wanting. Be interesting to see how the new one matches up.

RDF - Details of the JXR6HD still on the Jordan page here

JX92S and JXR6 drive units

and I have details of the linear array on my computer somewhere. I'll dig out and post or if you send me a PM I can send a PDF.
I do not thing this Fountek could match the performance of the JXR6..
If you have datas about line array I shall be real pleased to have them...I am not a up to date DIY.
Between 1975 and 1995 I made a number of speakers for me and relatives, but i did not have any mean to mesure the performance...At that time the computer were not really born...For two years or so, I built a few enclosures for myself , but that is a part time hobby and I mesure the peformance only by ear

and sorry for my bad english
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