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E.S.R meter!

SOLD...E.S.R meter... SOLD!

I have a mint E.S.R meter from Creative electronics. I bought this meter brand new when I was working repairing TV's, Stereos, amps etc etc...You do not find this kind of meters anymore,This meter will last forever;) The ones now are not reliable at all!!! I have taken care of it very well as you can see. This E.S.R meter is the BEST one I have ever work with. it shows immediately if a an electrolytic cap is bad or good and you do not have to discharge cap or take them out of board to test caps. I have all the original documentations, schematic, instruction that it came with. if you are a technician you "MUST" have this meter. also I will include a sideband power line noise analyzer for free. Asking $200.



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Hey Piero7!!! Here is a video of that "toy" of Atlas E.S.R meter. as you can see it has SURFACE MOUNT CAPS INSIDE...That with time will dry out :D
Mine does not have "ANY" electrolytic caps! and it is way better build than that Atlas toy. See the whole video at the end He opens the meter and shows the "crappy" poor quality build meter.Peak Electronics ESR70 ESR & Capacitance Meter - YouTube