E-MU backlight inverter....choices...


2004-10-28 4:25 am
I have an E-MU Emulator IIIxs audio sampler that needs the EL backlight inverter replaced.

old part# (NEC)NEL-D32-46

Can't find the exact replacement, so Digikey has what seems to be a replacement, that their catalog recommends when using a very similiar LCD Module:

inverter/ 5vdc to 100vac @ 400Hz ( JKL -Digkey#289-1031-ND)

But, reading the specs, I see there might be a better replacement in the "EL Element Area" spec.


To find a correct inverter, how important is the "EL Element area" size?....(.because there seems to be a better choice elswhere in the Digikey catalog, not what is listed as the suggested inverter.)?