Dynaudio Twynn or TL with same drivers?


2002-05-20 6:57 pm
Does anyone have experience listening to Dynaudio Twynn system? I have components to build this MTM setup and I am looking for opinions and suggestions for improvements or pitfalls to avoid.

I have had a few comments that I should use the same components [(2) 17W75s & D28s or D260s] in a TL design. I am new to TL designs. Can someone direct me to source for calculations of TL designs using my existing Dynaudio drivers?

I have read a few articles/reviews of Thor MTM/TL and I am intrigued, but I would have to sell existing Dynaudio (new) drivers that I have and add $ to get the SEAS Excel drivers for the Thor.

Any & all inputs welcome!


My website (www.quarter-wave.com) covers a TL theory that I derived and correlated, provides free design software, and shows three projects that have I built and tested using my MathCad worksheets.

There are many other different views on TL's. Daves site (www.t-linespeakers.org) provides several alternate opinions and many more projects. Obviously, I feel my methods are correct but it is not hard to find somebody with strong differing opinions and design methods.