Dynaudio Esotec20W75 in TL..

Well, let's ask the experts:
Some history:
I have auditioned the Aries, a well known kit from dynaudio, using the woofer mentioned above. Of course the bass was not too deep because of the closed -30 liters- cabinet but i was impesed by the well controlled and tight bass it produced. After this, all vented boxes sounded boomy to me.
One guy designed a TL version of this, with internal volume around 80 liters. People that heard the monster playing, praised it's sound but i haven't heard it personally. I just have a copy of the blueprints.
Does anyone of you has built, or heard this driver in Transmission line enclosure? I am asking this because the specific driver cannot work in vented boxes, so if the project fails, it cannot be converted to something else but just a closed box -which is not my first choice as far as the lower cutoff.