Dynaudio dustcap removal??


2005-02-09 4:35 am
I read some of the previous threads about modifying various drivers, specifically the one by Capslock about lowering mechanical losses (not to mention many Google searches), but I still can't find the answer to the question that I have. Which is: Has anyone removed the dustcap of a Dynaudio woofer without destroying the driver? Does the one-piece molding of the cone make this impossible? Has anyone even tried?
Just to address the question before it is asked, I wish to mount a tweeter coaxially in a Dynaudio woofer. I made a similar post before about 8" drivers with 4" VC's and I thought I would be able to use a Hi-Vi D8G to experiment, but was advised by the PE tech dept. that this would effectively destroy the driver. So back to the drawing board. I may well end up ordering the AudioTech custom driver - but not at this point.

Thanks in advance,



diyAudio Member
2004-02-25 9:13 pm
Hmm, very risky removing the dustcap on a dynaudio.

It would at best look messy and at worst, the driver destroyed. Like you've already said the dyns have one piece molded cones on the bass/mid-bass drivers which makes things infinitely more complicated.

If your very confident you could use an extremely sharp scalpal to remove the dustcup. I've never heard of anyone doing this to a Dyn though, so it could be a first in DIY audio.

Would be interesting to see the results, I just hope it all goes as planned as there is a lot of margin for error and the Dyns aren't exactly cheap or common nowadays.