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Dynaudio Drivers for Sale

- Brand New Dynaudio D28/2 tweeters - no solder, still in the box. $100.00 ea.

- As-New Dynaudio D28/2 tweeters, less than 4 hours 'running time'. $90.00 ea.

- 1 D28/2, dome has slight crease, $75.00

- Have 4 Dynaudio D-28/2 TH 120 from batch 81444.
See another seller's opinion by putting "dynaudio d-28 ebay" into Google and clicking on the advert. that has e-bay Seller:Zampa25

- Have two D52

- Have two D52AF

I'm not out to make a profit, but I don't want to take a beating on them either.

Buyer pays shipping and handling.




2008-08-06 4:14 pm
I'm interested in D28 tweeters, do u still have those? Where can I get the
specification of this D28/2? What's the exact type because I thought u have another post offering D28 AF? I'm just not that familiar with dyn lineup.
I'm looking for tweeters to be paired with
dyn WLQ17 mid in a 2way setup in my car, perhaps u have any tips or
If u have any other type of dyn tweeters for sale pls let me know.

Thank you,