Dynaudio D-52

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well, I have madisound's pricelist from year 97 therein is following details"d-52AF 89db, D-54 96db and D-54af 91db" and then I have Dynaudio's original specs for D-52, it says 92db sensitivity for D-52. I think D-52 and D-52AF is same driver, but the flange is diffrent, and that makes diffrent sensitivities.

I'm very disappointed to dynaudio regarding their policy to help DIYers. I understand if they don't wanna sell to DIYers their brilliant drivers anymore, But I don't understant why they took all specs away from their wwwsites, and they don't reply for any Emails regarding those specs, why??? I just want to have frequency response curves for D-54 and D-52 midrange drivers, other specs I have already.

I broke one of my D-54 and I didn't get a new one, but I got D-52, Now I have to modify my filter, And it is quite difficult without curves.
I`ve used both D-52 and D-52AF so I guess that makes me pretty sure.

In what way did you ruin that D-54? If it`s not too badly damaged I might be able to repair it. Another possibility is to put D-54 magnets on D-52 fronts.


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I threw it away:headbash: I thought nobody can repair it. I was movin away and I had one cupboard where I had all kind of useless things, and this broken D-54 was in there. I thought I won't take this kind of trash with me to new place, and then I threw all away. After that I heard that here in finland is one company who repair drivers, too late for me :( .

BTW I ruined it with too small amp, as usual story is.
Test Pilot said:
What? 12L-60?? I`ve got a pair of 12L-70 that I`ve saved for a later project, really good drivers but I`m trying to find they`r data..:confused:

By the way, I`ve allso got a pair of Scanspeak SD-9700 somewhere, still unpacked. They would improve your top..

Yep, 12L-60 woofer which weight is almost 9kg's each, with big box about 200L wented with two tubes it goes easily to 35hz -2db. If you need I can put exact box and tube measurement in here tomorrow.

I'm not sure about Scanspeak SD-9700, ko10dt is quite fine tweeter :yes:
inner Measurements of my speakerbox is 35cm x 38cm x 82cm minus tubes and drivers makes appx 100L, yesterday I recalled wrong, I did remember 200L each but it was in total. Length of Tubes (2 pcs/speaker) are 10cm each and diameter is 7 cm each.

Is this 12l-60 similar at all than 70? (see attahed file)
I put in pic freq resp curve also, but it doesn't say much about pure driver.


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