Dynaudio A62 tweeter demaged - repair or replacement

Some kids were playing with my speakers, and the result was dented dome on one of my tweeters. :(

Dent was small, and I carefully menage to move it back, with hoover, but several small dents, with depth less than 2mm are still visible. I have tried to pull those dents back by pooling with small peaces of sticky paper but without success.

I can not hear any difference in sound, but I would not like to leave the tweeter like this.

I have two options:

1. to repair this somehow
Should I try to open the tweeter and to push dome from inside somehow? I really do not believe that this would help, because I suspect that thin film of lacquer or something else must been broken since dome can not be flatten back... (it returns to dented position even after I pull it with sticky paper).
Should I touch it with some lacquer from inside?
Any suggestions?
Can I ruin the sound this way?

2. to replace the tweeter
Tweeter is labeled with: "Dynaudio D2 31", and I can not find such model on internet?!? :(
Does anybody know which drivers my speaker consists of?
Dynaudio stopped selling drivers to individuals when they were bought out by TC Group a few years back.
The only way to get a replacement is to contact Dynaudio and send them the damaged driver for replacement.
Sadly at the same type Dynaudio/TC Group doubled the prices for spares as a friend of mine found out when the M2s in the studio he worked in blew a woofer at just after the takeover.