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Dynaudio 17WLQ 4 ohm pr


2007-12-03 3:41 pm
Dynaudio 17WLQ 4 ohm pr. $100/pr

Price includes shipping and insurance in the lower 48.

This pair have received light use (playing classical music in my car). When they were removed from the car prior to trade in, the installer somehow put a 2-3” cut in the surround of each driver. The surrounds still hold their shape and the drivers sound great at low volumes. As you turn the volume up, the damages in the surrounds become audible. This pair is recommended for someone who is an expert w/ gluing. If the surrounds can be properly resealed, you will have obtained a pair for ¼ of what Dynaudio charges. Current cost from Dynaudio is $440/pr. Please note: Dynaudio is NOT currently doing any recones so if you plan on reconing them, Dynaudio won’t be your source. The voice coils, diaphragms and the majority of the surrounds are fine. It is only the 2-3” cut in the surrounds that need TLC. Price includes shipping and insurance in the lower 48.