dynalab 8 inch speakers. Need T/S paramertes

Basically, I have these four speaker cabinets, each of which has two eight inch woofers in it, and a 1 inch tweeter. These things have some pretty good throw on them. I would like to use them to do experiments with different boxes and stuff of the sort, like isobaric... or maybe an ISOBRICK. Anyways, they are sitting around collecting dust. My dad bought them from some random dude on the street for $250 for all four cabinets. I almost never use my home stereo, paritally because the transformer on the subwoofer amplifier I had exploded, and I can't figure out how to fix it, and I am done spending money on the piece of crap, so now, I am forced to take all my experiments out to my car. I just need maybe sort of an idea of what kind of a place could measure the T/S parameters for a decent price, or for free. I can't seem to find any information on the internet. All I know, is that these cabinets have been used in a scam process alot. Some dudes go around selling them out of a white van or something like that. Here is all the information I have on them:

Model SDA 2.8

I will pull out the speakers, and see if there is some sort of identification on them.

Ok, two of them out of a cabinet.
Single voice coil 3.4 ohm
Total outer diameter of 8 5/8"
Sd 31.95 sq.in
Thats all I know how to measure.
Number on the back of them is the same on both. V-22DR-0003.
Magnet is 3/4" thick.
I found a weakness... this thing will bottom out hard. Push a little on the cone, and I feel it hit a solid surface quickly. The dust cap actually hits the pole piece.
Excursion seems to be 6/16"
Rubber surround