Dynacord L series amps

Anyone know much about these amps? In particular the 3600. There doesnt seem to be a huge amount of useful info or tech reviews on them. Im not bothered about the weight and these will end probably up running subs in the long run so trying to avoid class D if I can (which these are not). They seem to pack a fair punch for the price.
same as EV P series. Dynacord was the OEM for EV. At the age, you would want to do a Preventive Maintenance pass. Check for bias drift. Properly tuned, these are great sounding amps. They be heavy for sure but hp the audio quality is pristine.

Mine are all out of my racks though. Replaced them with QSC PLX and PLX-2's. That cut 70 pounds per rack, 4 racks...

I still have a few EV P2000's, P1200"s and a single Dynacord L1000 (same as the P1200). I tell myself they are spares .. in reality they are just holding my shop down in case of seismic event :)
I also have two of the old Dynacord L1000's from 1994!
They are still working without any problems today and I'm using them for driving the Horntops of my PA system. No problem at all. Thought already a couple of times to exchange the amps to a new 4-channel Class-D for the system... But I guess those amps will never ever fail. So I will keep them as long as possible.

But there are new L-series amps meanwhile and I guess you are talking about that family. I didn't had the new ones in my hand.