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DX HDII - Clone


I am posting HD DXII Clone PCB's
attached are images of same.

Amplifier PCB is modified and is double side PCB, Bias circuit is on main PCB (you can Omit components Bias circuit not required)

If Interested in group buys, depending on nos, I will do the costing..

PCB's will be checked by assembling prototype.

Attached Image - Amplifier PCB

for clarifications post me.


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DX HDII Clone PCB Available.


Thanks to authors, carlos and nordic.

With their permission, and conditions.. I offer to provide custom PCB for DX HDII Amplifier.

PCB are made by me from Original schematic from authors website.
Designs are modified, Track Routing are modified for Double side PCB. These are not same / copy of PCB's sold by Authors. Schematic Part Values are not changed,

Before actual manufacturing of PCB, Prototype PCB will be assembled and checked.

Both Power Supply and Amplifier PCB Layout are complete.
Image of PCB will me made available.