DVD+VHS+Harddisc combination


2006-01-01 10:22 pm
How about a liteon 5045?
Been thinking of one for me for a while.
160 gb hard drive with editable dvr for removing commercials.
does dvd+-r cdr dvd rw cdr w ALL MEDIA
There are software hacks to disable all macrovision and enable many differant recording qualities for differant compressions.
This is handy if your recording old vhs.
Full cable tuner.
Not sure of high def hookups.
Does not have vhs but is all set up to control any vcr.
Read that you can copy any non protected dvd by sending it too the hd then recording it back to your media.
Hard drive is not locked to device so you can add a new drive without hassle. Rumored to support larger drive but i am not sure on this.
340- 420$ on ebay with shipping. Did see it a few times for 300$ b.i.n.
I want one.