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hello everybody,

i wanna back up my cd collection. now i was wandering on what medium i should do so.

i will put away the original audio cd's and play the copied ones.

is it better to play dvd or cd ?

i have no dvd player at this time, but i will make myself one with a dvd-rom and external dac.
the advantage is that i won't have as many discs lying around. but will it sound better ? will the dvd last as long as the cd (i mean will it be faster desinteriorate or get scratched ?)

what would you do ?

thanx a lot guys
wow, i didn't know that there exist something like that. but the copies have to be playable on a dvd player, so i don't think that will work. (is this correct ?, i think you can play it from a pc, but not from something else)

excuse me, but my question is not clear. is it better to use dvd then cd's for quality or durability. i would like dvd's more because it can contain more data, but i would have to build a dvd reader with external dac, : does it makes any sense or am i wasting time and money ?

Almost all DVD players will play .WAV files... I'd go that route. Rip from CD's using Exact Audio Copy, and burn them straight to DVD.

Alternatively, you could encode the CD's to MP3 using decent quality compression (lame 3.90.3, --alt-preset standard) and fit a bunch more on there. Of course, suggesting this probably offended a whole bunch of people on here...
You want to 'backup' your Cd's??
Yes you can burn them onto DVD , and with luck you may not notice the sound degradation. But thats an arguable point.
BUT if you are thinking that the DIY dvd will be more durable than your CD's .. you are misstaken.
These are proving surprisingly fragile, often deteriorating all by themselves in storage. . At least tyhe ones our office uses as data backup.. perfect 'forever' My ***.
Best solution will depend on what you will listen them as a back-up.

If you will be using a DVD player, then burn them on DVD.

For burning use Plextor hardware with Plextools software. That will give you the best.

For blank DVDs or CDs use Taiyo yuden.

Good luck
Unless you are compressing the file, you will get an exact copy. Otherwise you wouldn't be able to copy anything. That exe file would be rendered useless. That's the whole idea with digital. ISO differs in that you make not only a copy of the file, but a copy of the CD image itself.

Using low compression should not affect the sound. The CD has fixed bit-rate. Even when there's absolute silence, the bit-rate is the same.

As somebody pointed out, copied CDs have a limited shelf-life. They seem to be quite light sensitive, especially to sun light. But they are just as good as store bought CDs as long as they work. It's just ones and zeros. The problem starts when the laser no longer can read the ones and zeros.
You could copy your CDs to DVD discs, but then you have to work out a method of keeping track of which discs are on which DVDs, and finding and playing a particular disc will be a PITA. What do you do when you add new CDs to your collection? You can't put them in order with the old ones that are burned to DVDs already.

DVD+R discs are better than DVD-R, in general so if you go this route, use DVD+R. DVD-R used to be cheaper, but these days they are same price. I have had problems with movies backed up to DVD-R after just a couple years of sitting in storage, away from light.

Here is what I would do- and it is exactly what I did: back your CDs up onto HDD using flac (lossless compression) in a computer (ferchrissakes, use Linux, not windoze- you don't want to have to reboot the server every time you demo the system to friends) and play them back using something like this:


You can use wireless network to send your music to the player. Use an external DAC if you want. You can get fancy and use a PDA or other wireless web enabled device as a remote control for the system, even displaying album art in color.

You can put the CDs away. No more shuffling through them to find what you want or to take them out and put them away. No more trying to keep them in some sort of order.

You can fit about 700 CDs onto a 250 GB HDD. Get two HDDs and back-up one HDD with the other. Put one in an external case so you can take it to parties, loan it to friends, or store it away from the computer so that if your house burns down you don't lose your music.

Don't use Monkey's Audio. It's a me-too program that offers less compatibility than flac (MA has no linux codecs, for example) and is the program of choice of noobs (rhymes with boobs) who post files to usenet with bad spelling, all caps, and/or errors in the tags, or no tags at all. Use flac.

bigpanda said:
Hi then_dude,

Did your diyed dvd player from a pc dvd rom ever come alive? If it does, you mind posting your project ?


If you able to get some DVD decoder board with IDE input interface,it's quite easy.

And regarding the CDs backup to DVDs,unless you just want to listen to your CDs,not concern much about the quality,otherwise backup your CDs to a HDD is a better option.
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