Durability of a OHP DIY Projector


I am thinking of making a DIY Projector that would use an over head projector and an LCD screen.
My question is, is the whole contraption going to be durable enough for travel?

We are planning to use it during large Church concerts and gatherings of over a thousand people out on the road.
Since we travel alot, are we going to have any trouble with it cracking or breaking? If so, are there alternatives that you would suggest to use that would be good to use on the road? Or is there some way to reinforce the durrablitiy of a DIYP?

Highway of Life


2004-09-27 11:26 am

Well with travel there is always a chance of it being droped etc with any projector but a ohp projector depends how its build, if you built it strong enouth onto the top then it should be ok, or better still, build a casing for the projector.

But for travel your probley better off with a comercial projector as its designed to be moved.