Dual Side Firing Subwoofer in Tower Speakers

Cool idea!!! I ( Sort of) had something up my sleeve with a dayton audio RSS265ho4 and the RS 180 paper and fabric Dome rs28. Kinda neglected them recently doing some other subwoofer things that increasingly complicated.

The 10s work well in small vented transmission lines and position the driver where out the yo floor along with the vent., Which still becomes huge as a Full size ‘3way’ speaker with all the fixings… but everything is at this point..

The crash test dummies @ 105 cm tall, folded into three segments with a single 10” driver at the first turn which was essentially the bottomWith a very slight rear chamber to facilitate all of this, but that was actually the floor if one wanted to do it that way. If I was going to do it dual opposed it wouldnot be hard to just turn the baskets up perpendicular to that arrangement kind of like the other picture and that crazy cool looking KEF speaker(drool). . smaller drivers would make this so easy RSS 210s? That series and not the RS above it have TS parameters around smaller enclosure volumes. I think they’re all willing to work quite well and very thin transmission lines or the equivalent long Tall cabinets with standing waves that support instead of cause issues inside?

I still wanted two more subwoofers out in the room. To deal with all of that and its areas of cancellation.

All of my subwoofers would be down at the floor even the vent for the RS 180 in the two way section up top, was up top out the rear. Maintaining the distance which ensure that that wasn’t going to have issues with its own outfiMaintaining the distance which ensure that that wasn’t going to have issues with its own output In the Ellison issue, or potentially stuffed out like an old school TL if that wasn’t going to work out.

i’m not sure what to do with the subwoofer? Obviously the dual/opposed has serious advantages In the cabinet vibration and for string up resonances and even order junk. the cabinet vibration… Down fired in the very bottom is so simple it was even easy to access it to turn the driver upside down periodically inside in case you’re worried about long term ‘sag. I Iike how it became more stable with these drivers down below and taking advantage of all of the potential floor and corner flooding the room with bass that hasn’t yet really ‘bounced’ from any distance except whatever you initially have to start,which is in your control right there at the source. (Maybe??? The million things start to make this so hard… potentially dealt with from the start).

Two other subs of similar design sort out the rest in the room itself , so that you’re listening position as a sweet spot and hopefully areas surrounding you and your company/fellow listeners .

How do you think the large drivers need to do a post because the single will definitely implement something on the cabinet tent the other smaller speakers will have to deal with as well. I don’t know if that is a huge issue or decoupling the two actual enclosures might help even more it’s a lot of stuff to think about. But it all sounds fun!


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