dual purpose Toroidal for LM3875/LM3886


2012-07-22 8:01 pm
What the **** is dat price!?
WHAT THE **** for real dude...
I bought 2 300VA transformers for that price and they had shielding+fastening

Laughed my *** off when i saw the price.
Seems fine to run LM3886 at 8 ohms same with 75 really.
Choose your voltage based on the impedance the amp is likely to see (and perhaps on the size of the heatsink you plan to use. 25V will be fine and cover most bases. You could go a little higher before you begin to make life difficult for yourself. 22V will cover even the hardest loads.

I would go for a couple of 160VA transformers at 25V or 27V, with two bridges, if you really want to go the monoblock route, or one at 220VA (though a single 160 will be adequate and leave your options open). Anyone else have a view on this?
I appreciate the conversation and advice..... so I am open to & embrace all discussion....especially if it saves me $$$

So with that said I don't mind cranking tunes in fact I like it.....the main speaker's that will be used are 6-8ohm two ways. the amps are Peter Daniels premium kit and a P2P LM3886 I would guess the audiosector amps will be used more but I would like to use the PS for other projects......so if going the true dual mono way 160VA is fine? and what is the better voltage 22v or higher?