Dual primary wiring for Plitron standard toroid


2003-06-22 11:34 pm
I think i have this right but want to make sure so that I dont blow up anything. The Plitron reads:

Input: 2 x 115 VAC ---------- Black/White Brown/Orange

The brown and black are coming out of a tube together and the white and orange are coming out of a tube together. I am guessing that I just join the black and white and connect it to neutral and join the brown and orange and connect to live. Is this correct? (I live in Canada by the way)

...And a polarity question
And after I join the correct wires does it matter which goes to live and which to neutral? Does the same answer apply for the secondary windings? (when connecting secondaries to the rectifier bridges)

I haven't found a thread speficially on this so lets make it clear.

how to find polarity

Well, if I do remember my practical classes...

by measuring DC ohms with a DVM you can find the windings, there are two so its easy.

To get the polarity, you can connect one winding to AC or audio 40 to 100 HZ signal (last better option) if you have, and carefully place the other winding one terminal connected to the first. So, you measure both extremes: if zero volts AC they are out of phase. If double tha voltage input, they are in phase.

:D Hope to made me clear.

:att'n: if you do use AC outlet voltage pay serious attention to hazard shocks....

Plitron often uses some way to mark polarity... once you got the windings, try to guess polarity, it is not too hard. About what to connect to live or neutral, I think it does not matter if trafo is toroid. I think E core trafos inner terminal should connect to live, but usually the secondary is the outer winding so... just the ears will judge.