Dual opposed side mounted tl for 40-250hz ?

Anyone ever seen anything like this ? Spicytl can model this is it accurate ? The idea is 4x 6.5s placed 2x at 1/8 and 1/3 side mounted duel opposed so I can add delay to my tweet and mid to offset the delay at the end of the tl. The end of the tl would be directly under the woofer and only be 40 to 150hz . Why do I need delay at end of tl is bc the 1/3 woofers are only minimal stuffed so I can use their output upto 150 to help out the woofers bc of their low qtc and it gives much improved output at 40hz 3db or so.

I'm going to build it to see how it works but was wondering if anyone had seen anything similar 🤔 I poked around in old tl posts and didn't find anything all that close.