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Dual LT3081 power supply


The power supply is composed of:
1x Avel Lindberg 40/3696 50VA(2x 12v/25va Encapsulated PCB Style Transformer Specifications with Wound Screen
8x C3D03060 Silicon Carbide Schottky Diode
2x Quasimodo filters on transformer secondary windings
2x resistor to form rc filter
12x 4700u/25 Panasonic FC electrolytic capacitor
2x lt3081 1.5a voltage regulator

It can be used only with 230vac on the input

Both regulators are set for 5.2v and were used to power a buffalo dac and a cronus module for about a year, there wasn’t too much heat generated by the heatsinks to affect the nearby caps.

I recommend them set for 11-12v and working as preregulator for some salas shunt regs set for 5v or any other ultra low noise reg where you can set them for a lower/higher output voltage.
I can set the desired voltage first of shipping.
Each of the regs can take 2-3w of dissipation without going hot.

Price 180€


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