dual lm4781 guitar amplifier

So, I had been planning on building a guitar amplifier on a couple of lm4780's i had got laying around. My plans was to use the two of them to get some 80 to 100 watts of power.

However, I've since got a pair of lm4781's and I thought it might just be easier to use those to get some decent punch.

What configuration would you prefer to get >80 watts (rms) at the output for either two or four 8-Ohm-speakers?

I had originally considered using a mixed configuration as follows:
Each individual 4781 completely parallel (three channel parallel).
Bridge-tied-load-ing the two (parallel) chips to divide the current as much as possible.

I'm leaning towards a simpler configuration now, since I believe what's described above would require extreme precision in the component selection.

Any ideas?
I'm totally open to suggestions.