Dual FET recomendation

Anybody here used dual FET transistors? I'm looking for small-signal dual NMOS and dual PMOS for a new project.

I'm building a differential passive IVC, and I would like the transistors for the two phases to be well matched and at the same temperature.

The transistors I have found online are mostly power devices. I have no need to run 8A through them, a 30mA bias current will be just fine.

The other thing I may need is a relatively high Vds, at least 25V.

Any suggestions appreciated.

The package doesn't really matter.

I have used dual PNPs and NPNs that were some sort of tiny package where I couldn't route between the pins. That worked out okay, but I wouldn't mind having a bit more space to play with.

The application I'm working on (common gate impedance transformer that keeps a DAC's current output at a relatively steady voltage) is a very good fit for an NMOS but not as suited for other transistor topologies.

I checked at Farnell. They have some transistors that are probably worth testing, but those are beasts that can sustain 8A and thereabouts.