Dual Duty Audio Chair Project


2011-08-04 2:54 pm
I am rehabbing an old 70's audio chair for a friend.

i will be installing new speakers, a class D amp, and a bluetooth module.

my friend requested that I wire it so each speaker can also be used hooked up to his home stereo amp (for zone use at a party etc.)

in other words I would have a switch wired to the speaker wires for active (internal amp powered) use and for passive (external amp power) use.

would it be safe to bridge the wires and just tell him to make sure the internal amp power switch is off before going external?

or should I rig a switch? I am having trouble finding a stereo switch. The amp is 15 watts RMS per/CH at 4 ohms.

thanks for any ideas/help.



2008-03-21 10:13 pm
You could route the speaker wiring via a 2pole 2 position relay that would only allow connection to the hifi if the internal amp is switched off. That would avoid back feeding the class d or even both amps being on at the same time. Either situation isn't a good one.