Dual 9038pro X 4 dac

I currently owned a dual es9038pro and in process of buying 2 more boards for an active stereo set-up with 6 outputs. I know the nay sayers will be mentioning timing errors of multiple DAC but i will soon own a very expensive master clock. I don't want to buy a mass produced 8 way dac, I want 3X dual es 9038pro. This thing will be attempted and various human sacrifices will be made. Please help me find a solution. Thanks
Are you looking to build a totally custom solution? Buy some off the shelf boards and tweak them? We're going to need a little bit more information to be able to help you. I did start out on a ES9038Pro design before switching gears to my AK4499 project, the ESS datasheets are fairly sparse, and this being such a new chip, there's a limited amount of proven designs around it.
Oops sorry, the answer is yes to all.
I plan on a custom made 8 way dac using 4 - es9038 pro boards. I will attempt solving the timing issue using a dedicated master clock, hopefully.
Please excuse my limited knowledge of digital audio but I think using a master clock will at least get me going in the right direction. And a listen.
In the meantime I do own a lynx Hilo