Dsp controled digital amp?

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Does any body know how how to build digital controled amps
I find this page And I have been thinkinfg for a longtime about how to build that type of amp.
they can be very powerfull with out getting hot and they are not heavy .So what is the big question how can it be build and how expensive will it end up?

i find ths page haven look much at http://www.eetimes.com/story/OEG20000919S0031

If any body have the same interest for that type of amp or already have build one please let me know.

jeppe dk
Basically, you'd be building a big power-DAC (of the sigma-delta variety). This has been done commercially once or twice... It's something I've considered over the past few years, but I really don't have the ambition to tackle this one myself yet...

The DSP must handle noise shaping and simga-delta modulation to derive the signals which drive a set of high-speed power output transistors. Practically, the DSP functions are probably best implemented with a CPLD for cost and performance.

Ontop of developing the proper noise shaping and modulation algorithms, if any feedback is used for "dynamic elecment matching" as is used in most small-signal sigma-delta DACs, there would be some work to do in order to develop a stable and accurate control loop for this. I would expect this type of amp to absolutely require very stiff regulated supplies as well, so there's no small challenge there... Finally, to finish the whole thing off, you need to design and construct a high-power passive low-pass filter for the outputs.

All in all, I think developing one of these suckers is presently beyond the capabilities (and attention span?) of the majority of DIYers, though there's always some nutcase out there (like me?)... if you're really interested, check out this webpage: http://citeseer.nj.nec.com/405028.html

An alternative to this kind of amp is the Tripath circuits, though they're not quite the same thing...
does any one tryed to build a amp like these

My big problem is that im not an electronic engener.
Im just very much interested in building amp and so.

My last project was building the the 170W sub amp usind class d .http://www.national.com/pf/LM/LM4651.html

But i didn't finist it yet. I made up the circuit pcb from the applications note.

What im so fasinated about is the small sice and the high power.

I hope that I will can find information about how to build. something like the DPC 1000
or this monster

Jeppe c. dk
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