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DSD with PCM1704


2003-04-09 9:38 am
Hi guys,
we developed an evolution from RD30 dac, called "RD40" which is equipped with a superior USB inteface and has a nicer layout. The new interface allows native PCM rates up to 384k and DSD64/128.
We included a high quality DSD to PCM converter which outputs PCM at 352k, producing great sound.
Native PCM is upsampled to 352k or 384k, for all sample rates 44-192. DXD material is passed native.
Finally, capability of upgrading fpga firmware through usb is added, by simply playing a special update track.


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I must say a few words about this HI End DAC.

I have this new version of at least one year, I have not used this DAC because IV was incomplete, I missed two tubes, bought finally a pair of 12AX7 Mullard Reissue Cryo for IV, second stage uses NOS 12AT7 made by Siemens .
IV stage is made by Glassware Audio.

I use this DAC via USB with Raspberry Pi 2 and Rune audio software.
Rune see RD40 as Audiobyte HD USB so there is no problem with drivers (Volumio see this device as a USB DAC)
Rune plays all formats, including DSD, but not from an ISO file, can play DFF and DSF.
This is the best DAC with PCM1704 digital converter that can play HD files up to 192 by SPDIF and via USB to 384kHz

My brother uses a Buffalo DAC II I can tell you that RD40 is very musical, can hear more details. The differences are not so big, but you can hear .
I use the IV tube, Buffalo IV is solid state, he has a preamp tube in his system, so it match better with my DAC.

10 years ago I listen to a CD player with 4xPCM converters 1704, was a Wadia 861 I was shocked, it was a magnificent sound , I wanted a PCM 1704DAC and finally have it.
Mr Lupulroz thanks for that.
I wish you guys to enjoy as long is possible to listen from a DAC like this using a netowork player or a CD player

Best regards