Drums in super slow motion

It's hard to believe the deflection wasn't artificially enhanced to aid visualization of the waveform.

I have seen other slow motion films that show similar deflection. When a cymbal that is properly played finally fails it will uaually break along the concentric circles visible on its surface from the manufacturing process. If you end up with a hole in the cymbal, you are hitting it hard with the end of the stick.

I have seen a slow motion film of a guitar (maybe it was a bass guitar) string being plucked with a pick. The camera was looking down the neck from above the bridge. You can see the initial deflection move down the string to the nut, and then be reflected back toward the bridge. The process repeats, and after a few cycles the second harmonic is clearly visible as a double deflection along the string.

The slow motion demos I saw were captured on FILM and shown to us by a high speed camera manufacturer during a demo presentation to our company. The guitar and cymbal shots were to educate manufacturing engineers about harmonic motion. The presentation was all about unintended deflection and the peak deflection generated by the sum of the fundamental and harmonics along a PC board during high speed SMD pick and place operation.

There are Youtube videos of guitars and basses being plucked, but none seems to show the harmonics like the demo did 20+ years ago.