DROK LM3886TF 60W 20~28V amplifier on Amazon Prime

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Anyone familiar with this amp?
I'm looking for something small like this, that does not have volume knobs or anything else sticking out of it (space constraints in enclosure).

Amazon.com: DROK HI-FI Digital Stereo Power Amp Circuit LM3886TF Small Audio Amplifier IC Mono 60W AC 20~28V: Electronics

Product Model:LM3886TF
  • Operating Voltage:AC 20V~28V
  • Output Power: 60W
  • Resistance:1% copper foot metal film
  • Can monolithic or used in parallel

Basically, I'm wondering what type of power I'll get with my application?
I've got a single 4 ohm, power hungry speaker.
And I think my battery setup will be ~12 volts?

Then I've got the following battery/case/charger setup:

3 each 18650 batteries

battery case for three 18650 batteries wired in series.

And this is the charger I got to charge the batteries with.
The speaker will rarely ever be connected to the charger while playing audio.
Amazon.com: 90W AC Power Adapter/Battery Charger for Toshiba Satellite A135-S7406 A205 A205-S5000 A305 A305-S6916 A505 A505-S6980 L305D L305D-S5934 L40-139 L455D-S5976 M305D-S4830 P205-S6267 U405D-S2850: Computers & Accessories


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8 Watts?
So is the 60 watt rating just specs BS or is this a limitation of the battery pack?

I need about 33 watts minimum for my single channel portable speaker and it's got to run on battery. Any suggestions?

I appreciate the help. I'm way out of my knowledge level when it comes to this battery pack stuff.
Yes, you're limited by your relatively low voltage battery pack. 60W is achievable but you'd need something like 70V total supply as well as a bigger heatsink. I was going to suggest classD but I see you've already discovered that :)

Note that with this new board and the same 6 cells you'll get round about your target power. However 6 freshly charged 18650s will exceed the maximum voltage rating so I'd suggest reducing the number to 5.http://www.diyaudio.com//www.pinterest.com/pin/create/extension/
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Glad you saw the light with class D and portable battery powers application. The class AB chip amp would have chewed through batteries like nothing. LM3886 is almost a heater from my experience with them.

The Sanwu 3118 PBTL monoblocks are the BEST stock class D amps you can get for up to 60w operation but run them below 40w to keep sound clean.
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