Drivers test site

OK, I'll have look. A few interesting points with comparison of the SS 8535 driver that it keeps up with others like 8545. 8535 has been overlooked as a possible alternative by many builders. Also, my subjective thoughts on comparison with SS 9500 & 9700 tweeters (Have only used 9500 & 9900, assume 9700 sounds similar). There is a big difference in sound between 9500 & 9900, with much more perceived detail in the 9900. Also, curious about the PHL 1120 and how it compared with others. Have not heard it but your tests seem to be what I expected after inspecting the driver (quite flexible cone material, whether this has anything to do with it).

Any plans to test other drivers like Raven, Accuton and Eton? Thanks for the site, very informatiive.