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Drivers - Celestion, Faital, Peerless, Hivi

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Celestion TF0410MR ~4" - $35/pair, plus shipping, 2 pair available:

Celestion TF0410MR - Google Photos

One of the more popular mid-range drivers from Unity/Synergy horn projects. These are all new, in their boxes, 2 of the drivers have been mounted to a test baffle and measured for the purpose of testing for a Synergy horn build. These are very well built, and widely loved mid-range drivers. 8ohm

Celestion TF0510MR ~5" - $60/pair, plus shipping, 1 pair available:

Celestion TF0510MR - Google Photos

Same as the TF0410MR, I bought these to test for a synergy horn project. They've been mounted and measured, then put back in their boxes. 8 ohm

Peerless 830856 - $50/4 drivers:

Peerless 830856 - Google Photos

These are nice, truncated frame, Peerless woofers. I was going to make an MTM with a nice ribbon, or dome between them, but never got to it. These are in their original packaging, have never been measured or mounted. 8 ohm

Faital Pro 4FE35 ~4" - $35/pair, plus shipping, 2 pair available:

Faital Pro 4FE35 - Google Photos

You guessed it, more Synergy drivers. These are really nicely made little full range drivers. Check the forums and you'll find a lot of different designs that use these drivers. 8 ohm

HiVi B4N ~4" - $15/pair, plus shipping, SOLD!

HiVi B4N - Google Photos

Nicely made, shielded drivers. They look fantastic, and are used in many different designs. 8 ohm

HiVi B3S ~3" - $10/pair, plus shipping, SOLD!


Great looking, very nicely made, shielded full range drivers. Zaph Audio has a design that uses these, I made a pair for some friends and was really blown away by the sound they produce. Great for computer speakers, very nice little drivers. 8 ohm

HiVi T20-8 - $10/pair, plus shipping, 1 pair available: SOLD!


Never used, don't remember how I ended up with them. They are in their original boxes. 8 ohm

That's it for now, I think I have some more domes, and some bigger Hivi woofers. I may also sell some of my Tang Band full range drivers as well. I need to dig them up first.

Offers accepted. I will package all shipments extremely well, to ensure everything makes it to you safely.
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This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.