Driver upgrade


2001-04-17 5:21 pm
I have a pair a jbl tlx 320 speakers running with an integraded marantz 40wpc amp. They are floor standers about 1m tall with a 6 " driver, mid and tweeter. Is it possible to replace the driver with a something more suited to my needs? At the minute they have a lot of low end bass but with a little volume they distort very easily.
Is it possible to get something that will be tighter and more forcefull??? if so what?? Thanks in advance
Finding a driver that will mate with the passive crossover and the enclosure volume will be nearly impossible. I would advise against it.
Distortion with volume is *far* more likely to be clipping from your Marantz than something imposed by the speakers. (We're assuming that you haven't got a blown woofer making scraping voice coil noises...) By gazing into my crystal ball, I see that you probably listen to rock/rap and the like, yes? If so, there's no substitute for watts and eventually bigger speakers (there's only so much low end you can pull out of a 6" driver). 40W ain't much if you're trying to listen loud. If you're turning up the bass (something my crystal ball thinks is likely), you're going to run out of power even sooner, as that is essentially a volume control for the lower frequencies.
Start thinking about a new amp...good luck.