Driver Suppliers in UK


2002-08-22 1:44 pm
Does anyone know of any UK suppliers of drivers other than Wilmslow Audio? I'm a little annoyed at them putting up the price of the Vifa drivers I'm rather fond of by about 20-25% for no apparent reason so I'm just interested if I can get them elsewhere. It seems a bit daft to me that they guys in the US get to pay significantly less for drivers which are made in Europe 'cos that's not the way these things usually work.
Luke - did you miss the link off there?

hifi - No, I don't mind shipping from Sweden - I don't think there's any extra tax if the goods come from within Europe (is there?), just the extra carriage cost. If you could mail me and let me know where I can get a price list that would be great.
Thanks for your help folks - I'll check those links out.

Looks like Wilmslow have me over a barrel with the Vifa drivers as they're the only UK distributor. I think maybe I've just had a bad experience with them putting their prices up rather a lot and also because I'm still waiting for one of my tweeters 2 weeks after the rest of the bits arrived. I guess I should give them the benefit of the doubt......