Driver replacement.

I discovered this site only today and would like some advise from knowledgeable people. Please help.0

I am interested in replacing drivers from my old Boston acoustics speakers which are basically a 2-way bkshelf speaker with a 1" tweeter and a 8" mid/bass woofer. I want to, if it's the right way to go, just replace them with new drivers. it's obviously easier because that way I dont have to invest in new enclosures or makes holes in the current ones. This box is about 1.02 cu. ft in volume and sealed (not ported).

I was looking in parts express and the suggestions I got was was a choice between three different brands. One was a Focal polyglass for about $80 a pop, one audax one which was more expensive (carbon fiber) and an el cheapo one (I think) for $15 or so. I am leaning towards the Focal driver however unless someone has a better idea. I have no idea what tweeter to get with this. there are a lot of choices for it and am confused. scanspeak, vifa, you name it...
I also read here that a single 8" woofer is not the way to go etc...but my old speaker used to sound excellent in it's day, better than a lot of speakers I have heard within the $1200/pair range (IMO). so that makes it even more confusing.

I would really appreciate some suggestions on how to proceed
and brands/model numbers you would suggest for replacement.

Replacing the drivers alone will not sound good at all. You will need to completely redesign the crossover, and will, apart from the enclosure, basically have to design a new set of speakers. It is also very difficult to find good 8 inch drivers to use as midranges. You're best bet is to see if you can find the original drivers somewhere.