Driver rebuilding

Hello, I'm new to this forum and to DIY in general. I have been a home theatre buff for a couple of years now, and have slowly built a modest system. Unfortunaltly, I lost my job last year, and that put a crimp in further expanding my system. I'm on a new career path to become an electrical engineering technologist and figured I would start my learning early by expanding my sound system on a minimal budget, thus DIY. I realize I have steep learning curve ahead of me, but I have the motivation. I guess the first problem I need help with is my main speakers. I've had them for several years and they still sound pretty good, but I hooked them up to a defective amp once, which sent large power surges through and now they clip at moderate bass levels. This of course is annoying. This past week I've stumbled across many DIY sites on the net, but I am still unclear on whether my speakers can be fixed. If anyone can clear this up for me, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
If you d'ont see any external damage to the speaker it may be the voice coil.

Well in my opinion this can't be repaired but some website and companie offer info/service to repair speakers voice coil. I tried it once i was far from being satisfied.(i talk to other people how wasn't satisfied also.)The power handling is generally lower and the spec of the driver change.

It could also be something else but i don't think so.

Anyways on that it's generally better to buy new driver than take alot of time and/or money to repair them.