Driver options for LXStudio/ LXMini


2014-11-01 8:57 pm
Hi Guys, a total newbie with very little knowledge so trying to tap into the collective wisdom of the group. My friend built the LX studio and I was able to go and listen to them. The clarity, detail, holographic imaging was simply jaw dropping. The problem, the cost of the entire set up is a bit rich for my blood so trying to find options that might work. The objective is to have a driver for the mini to be less than $50 each and for the subs to be less than $100

couple of options that I found

full range for mini options#
- 3 1/2" full range vifa driver from PE (#Part # 264-1062) @ $13 each

woofer for the mini
- 6 1/2"High Excursion Aluminum Cone woofer, MCM 55-1862 @ $22 each
- 6" Dayton RS-150-4 Aluminum Cone (#Part # 295-372) @ 36 each

main sub for the studio
- ???

I don't think there is any option for the minidsp so I will be going with either two of the 2x4 or just the 4x10 hd

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2014-11-01 8:57 pm
Just build the LXmini to SL's plans and if you are not satisfied with the bottom end you can add Davey's LXmini Subwoofer add-on much more cost effectively than LXStudio. When you add up the costs for LXStudio you may as well build LX521.

Part of the reason to try different drivers is to experiment and part is to keep cost down to pursue the hobby :).

the lxmini by itself is not terribly expensive and totally agree to do the lx521 vs pursuing the studio considering the 10" subs by themselves run close to grand.

on the mindsp i think i am leaning towards the nanodigi and some cheap fiio or chinese dacs. Keeps the costs reasonable plus gives full flexibility in the future to upgrade the dacs.