Driver Identification (Lowther?)


Rather than be long-winded, here are three images of the driver I'm trying to identify:

Index of /driver

There's a sticker on the back of it that says "Lowther of America," but there's no other ID. I've the basic websearches, and I don't know if they are DX, EX, or anything. They're in perfect condition, however.

Any help or direction to a source of information would be appreciated.

Much thanks,

Driver ID round two

Thanks to all! I pulled the driver and posted pictures of the back -- one of the pictures I flipped so you can read the sticker on it, and then I figured out how to get the macro on my camera to work.

Index of /driver

I websearched AER, and I agree it looks similar.

This is my first in-person encounter with a FR driver, and I'm trying to find out what I'm getting into. I'm a marginal woodworker (on a good day), and some of the cabinet/horn designs I'm seeing are pretty intimidating...
No serial #. I'll email him when I get home tonight.

I did a bit of local research; they were a matched pair intended to used for a Headlund Horn project some time ago. My local club built 4 pairs of the monsters; I didn't complete mine (traveling for work at the time).

I found them in the original boxes about a month ago, put them in a couple of cabinets to see how they sound, and now I'm debating passing them on or building something moderate in size -- I still have to travel about 40% of the time.