Driver for Buschhorn


This is my latest "project", a Buschhorn, and I need help.

I live in a 3*4-meters room, pretty crowded with furniture, so I'm not very sure if a horn is a very suitable speaker in my case (or any speaker).

I'm using a hitachi mosfet amp, soon with a tube preamp.

I need a new pair of speakers, and the Buschhorn seems great.
My first option is Visaton FRS8, which is also available without problems, but for a second option, an up-grade, I don't know where to go!!

My options are limited: Visaton, Monacor, SAL, maybe P.Audio, Vifa and Morel.

Vifa 10 BGS is a very good solution, but I can't find it on
it seems it's not in production anymore.

What can I use as a replacement for Visaton FRS8?
Fostex is not an option.
I'm very un-decided !!!
I have so far:
- TG9FD-10-08
- TG9FSD10-08
- TG9WD-10-08
- TG9SD-10-08
- MG10MD09-08
- MG10SD09-08

And Vifa 10 BGS, or 9 BGS.
...and Visaton FRS8 and I want a horn.

I have e-mailed Tom Zurowski about his experience with Vifa or Monacor in his Zhorns, but he can't help me.

So far, the best choice it seems to be a Buschhorn with a 4" driver. Any sugestions?

Radio Shack 40-1197, with phase plugs and a little basket damping

Now if you can get your hands on a pair of the vintage Foster OEM driver aka FE103a, these are pretty darned good in the Buschorn.

If importing new or E-bay acquired vintage drivers is difficult or too expensive for your situation, my apologies.