Dream Kit?

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So many questions

What are you wanting it to do?
What compromises/tradeoffs are you willing to accept?
What do you like commercially, say at any price, that you are trying to emulate?
Where in the world are you? Affects costing.
Will you be doing the woodwork, or paying someone else to do it?
Must they be only new components, or are pre-loved drivers acceptable?
How big is your room, and how loud do you want it to go before dynamic compression sets in?

With some more detail I can give a better answer. But, some I would suggest up front are:
-conventional -- Lynn Olsens <a href="http://www.aloha-audio.com/Ariel.html">Ariel</a> perhaps with some subs like <a href="http://www.teresaudio.com/haven/">Chris Brady's</a> (click on subwoofers). I have heard the Ariels (I built some) and they are excellent, but need the extra bass.

-better alternative--hunt up some second hand pro drivers like JBL or Altec, build or buy some modern designed horns or mod some older ones, and sit back and let this system crap all over most modern cone driver systems for realism. There are sooooo many options/possibilities here I don't know where to start. Listen to some <a href="http://www.avantgarde-acoustic.de/en/index.html">Avantgardes</a> to get an idea what I am talking about. You can build something of similar performance for a fraction of the money quite easily.

-less DIY-- buy some older Klipschorns or LaScalas and modify them. Make sure you drive them with good amps.

-slightly left field --Buy some classic Tannoy/Altec coax drivers, preferably 15" alnicos, build some decent enclosures and tweak the crossovers. Read <a href="http://users.bigpond.com/tunnelgap/Tannoy/mods.html">this article</a> to get an idea of what is possible. I have actually heard these speakers and they are outstanding.
Or get some McCauley/Fane/Beyma/Radian/B&C/PHL/etc coaxs and build something like <a href="http://www.galanteaudio.com/buckingham.htm">these</a> yourself.

I have lots more detail and suggestions/links etc if you are interested in any of these options, but I am tired (it's 4:30 am)and I am in the middle of a house move, so I won't post them now. I will if you are interested though, or you can email me off-forum.

Wow thats a lot of questions but here we go. I want somthing with sound quality to that of B&W 803 or other comparable floor standing speakers.

My room size is 35'x 27' with valted ceilings. carpeted flooring and soft walls.

I have made my own cabnits before and they are ok but I don't have the time nor proffessional talent to do it with this project.

I am currently using, as mains, an old bose(1980)601 seriesII box which has been overhauled with dynaudio driver, morel driver and morel tweeters. Miniscus did my crossover and they do sound great. My surrounds are My own box's with 8" Morel DVC and mdt 33s, and I did my crossover. Again these sound great. I have a Velodyne sub and boston center(dont hold this against me lol).

My power is from a Yamaha v990 and dvd/cd is from denon. I plan on getting a better power box soon.

Again I think my stuff sounds pretty good but I'm just currious what everone thinks thier dream kit would be.

Right now I'm looking hard at the Scan Speaker kit

Check out Northcreek

If you want an MTM with Scan make sure you look at the the www.Northcreek.com site. The Rhythm is a great speaker. The site is worth a read no matter what you do. George Short, the main man there is great. I have heard that some of the Madisound Scan cabinets no longer match the new scan specs but that should be double checked. Good Luck.
I built the rythm speakers and think they are wonderful. A set of scan speak drivers for a stereo pair of Rythms, bought from North Creek Audio should cost about $1,200. The North Creek crossover with the good components would run about $700. You could bi-amp the drivers to good effect...might be less expensive than the cross over. The Baltic Birch plywood and other speaker box makings should cost around $150.

I run my Rythms Bi - amped using four Aleph 3 channels. Sound is hard to beat.
yor room is bit 35x27 is huge. my entire apartment is 21' x 24'! bedroom 10x15, living room 10x18, kitchen 10x5, bath 8x6.

the North Creek Rhythm is good but will be bass shy in a room that big. You would have to bi amp the Rhythm and use some subs for teh bottom end.

Subs I can think of:
1 x JBL 18" per channel (forgot the model number but they used the same driver in their B460 sub circa 1986-88).

2 x 12" per channel (audio concepts SV12 or Shiva or Hsu drivers). You can get the 12" for $150 each.

lastly the Audioum 12VX or 15VX drivers from Focal. 1 per channel is fine, 2 per channel is expensive but will make me jealous. :)

if you are doing the 2x12" option one way is to build a 30" high x 24" deep x 18" wide box and use them as stands for the Rhythms. Anyway either of these systems means you will need about 3-7 cu. ft per channel for the subs).

lastly try VMPS or Audio Conecpts as well.

If I was a SPL needy I would get 2 Kilpschorns in the corners, 2 Belle Kilpschs (bass bins) in the center and drive them with 4 100W Rowland Research amps like a friend of mine has done in his basement. His dream is to get 3 more Kilpschorns and convert the room for Home Theater.
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