Dr Z Carmen Ghia build from a Hammond Reverb amp!!

You like Fender or Marshall sound? Or other?

Get thee a tonestack per your preferred amp.

EL34 PP stage is pretty straightforward.

Input 12AX7

Driver 5751.

(or is the 5751 better for the front end?)

Your preferred speaker Celestion, Jensen, MOD? (Celestion Greenback would be mine but I'm that way.).

What sound are you trying to make?


2007-06-24 9:45 pm
If I'm not mistaken, the Carmen Ghia used the Hammond AO-35 reverb power amp
as its core, with a pre-amp added to that. I havn't seen one for quite a while, but I think the 5751 is in the front end of it.
If you make one from scratch, be advised R22 and C13 need to be rather robust, 1600V cap. & 10W res., which WILL run hot during overdrive conditions!
I have one of 'em in the basement, waiting to be mod'ed, too many toys, so little time.
....probably more of a fender sound!
What is this tonestack thing??
....have a couple of Jensen alnico 12's...from a Hammond PR40 cab
...have tried 'em and they sound great to me.
TBH...I'm not sure how to describe the sound I want.....but like the clean sound of vintage Fenders......some creamy OD would be nice too
Deep down inside It's a Hammond? :)


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