Downfiring 15" driver

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I'm not quite sure why the HE-15 isn't recommended for downfiring, actually. It has a very low Cms (very stiff suspension), which is good from a downfiring perspective, and the Mms isn't terribly high either, which is also good. (~260g)

Personally, I'd think the HE15 would work just fine in a downfiring arrangement - if you really want to get an answer though, make sure you ask John Janowitz from Stryke about it, as opposed to going by what someone else says (including me.)

If he says no to downfiring, ask him if he can elaborate a little as to why. The only reason that I can think of off the top of my head is that they offset the suspension forward to help avoid bottoming, and having it fire downwards would further offset the suspension to the point of decreasing performance.

Having said that, downfiring is almost always a poorer choice than having the driver fire out horizontally, from both a reliability and performance standpoint. Certain driver designers/repairers (Nick McKinney of Lambda Acoustics comes to mind), don't recommend downfiring for any driver, even if the manufacturer says it's okay, due to the number of stretched and damaged suspensions they've had to repair over the years.

Any driver will work in a downfiring configuration, albeit at a different performance level, but regardless of whether it's meant for it or not, long-term reliability/stability will be sacrificed. Whether this happens in a matter of 5,10, or 50 years I can't say, but from talking to people who repair these for a living, it can happen in a relatively short period of time.

Of course, this gives us DIYers an excuse to build another sub in 5 years once the suspension is stretched too badly. :)

- Rick
As for the 1503, its Cms and Mms are virtually identical to the HE-15, so they're pretty much in the same boat as far as downfiring goes.

By looking at their specs, the 1503 and HE-15 should be some of the BEST drivers out there from a long term reliability point of view due to the very low Cms and moderate Mms, but even so, there is a chance for long-term damage.

- Rick
Thanks, but...

I know the "web-site" answer. I guess that response is my fault. What I mean by conflicting reports is someone saying it's synthetic rubber while holding it their hands.

A web site only proved that I can read, hence my question when I get a contrary report.

Does anyone else have one to report that it is not foam?

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