Doubt on Technics SL-PG520A

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I recently acquired aTechnics SL-PG520A CD player in very nice condition; it features Philips CDM 4/19 mechanism a MASH DAC converter and it sounds very good.

It just have one glitch which I'm not sure if it is symptom of a problem: when the CD spins up it emits an intermittent short sound and the display very briefly (few tenth of a seconds) dims. I know the swing arm mechanism emits high pitched noise when moving forward or backward on the disc, but the sound I hear is different and it appears to come from the spindle motor.

Other than that, the player is very silent during normal play, skips instantly to any track and reads every disc.

Should I worry about this very minor problem ?
Here's a guess from me to give your thread a bump until the real experts chip in! :)

If it is a pemanent magnet spindle motor, a build up of carbon on the commutator can result in a partial short circuit which may explain the start up symptoms.

If the overall operation is not erratic you may be best to live with it for now, although there are methods of dealing with a dirty commutator.
One method is to disconnect/unplug the motor completely from the electronics and power it for a few seconds in each direction from a 9 V DC source. This may clear out the commutator.

In stubborn cases, a squirt of contact cleaner through the motor's ventilatation holes may be required, but apply sparingly as too much could ruin the motor - only try this as last resort when the only other alternative would be to replace the motor.
P.S. I've used a combination of contact cleaner and 9V DC source to successfully clean out my failing Technics CD player spindle motor (different model). The player had stopped reading and I had nothing to lose by trying the technique.

P.P.S. Dismantling the motor is a difficult task which is best avoided.
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Running the motor with a 9V source seems reasonable and not that difficult: the motor has a dedicated plug on the control board and it is easy to unplug.

I will keep as it is right now, but I have another budget CD player with a good CDM4/19 I can swap in case anything goes wrong.

What model was your CD player ?


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This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.