Doubt about compressor operation

I'm designing a compressor and everything is quite clear to me, apart from one thing relating to the attack time:
a thought to which I cannot find an answer, as the opposite condition is generally assumed: attack time shorter than the threshold trigger period
What happens if the input signal goes below the threshold before the attack time is over? Will it reset compressor starting the release curve or will the reduction (compression) continue to rise until the attack time is completed even if the threshold is no longer triggered and then goes into the release curve?
Thank you!
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It'll depend from the technology used for the compressor: an opto cell will (like a T4b) trigger release ( as it is material dependent used in the opto), an R/C network should just let pass the peak without reacting as there wasn't enough time to charge fully the capacitor used to define time constant.
If it's a Pwm or Diode based unit i don't know.