Double Chamber Reflex Mark Audio Alpair 10p or 12.2p ????

Scottmoose - thanks for that - I surely will. The result was so fine when finished. So I can sell (or give away) the rest of my building if (and when) real old age :) comes and moving to a smaller apartment is the only option. Then the Juliet on a low supporrt can be just the Choice....

Best Olav
Hi mp9

Yes - Juliet is perfect with a slightly short support and angled somewhat upward. I trries that now - and it is a very good dispaly of the musical image. I will in a couple of weeks get the outer finish and a new low support. And the low range extends to around 40 Hz. Which I heard barely:whistle:

Best Olav


2019-12-23 4:34 pm
Hello DIYers,
Since it might be awhile for more feedback from different builders, on the Juliet, based strictly on "paper", what would be the differences sonically between the SuperPensil 12.2p and the Juliet 12.2p. I can image with my limited design knowledge that differences will be significant due to sizes. But besides the obvious what else is to be expected from the Juliet?
Hi to all.....
In these dangerous times - I have spent some time testing and finishing my Juliet. With some bracing, short stands, better cables and some varnish. And my impression is very favorable for this new enclosure and the resulting sound. One problem now is: which speakers to listen to when different music is played. The OB with Betsy, Eminence and Aurum Cantus AMT is super with music that has much information and complex layering. Like the new Tori Amos where the Juliet can seem a little boxy and uninvolving. And on the new Robert Plant/Allison Krauss - Quattro(world drift in) where their voices can get difficult to separate. On the Quattro-track the Betsy/Aurus combo distinguish much better. This I believe is a Analog production by T-Bbone Burnett and it is not so distinct and well defined on the Juliet(my feelings). But when you get small ensembles and vocalbased the Juliet is on par with my OBs. And in the lower frequencies they have more meat and are more in touch with the rrythm when the bass and drums is very active. Like on the Bill Frisell album Nashville. Where Bill, Jerry Douglas, 2 from Union Station is making a new take on the word Jazz. A beautiful album where the Juliet really shines.
But even if the Alp12P is superb in most area - it does not have the see-through silky treble of the AMT. But the Juliet gives that direct accsess to the performance the players are performing. And gives a very honest display of the music. :cool:

Thank you again Scottmoose for this fine solution.👌

So - let us pray for the people of Ukraina and try help them if and when it will be in our hands.(y)

Best from Olav


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