Double BR vs BR?

I'm interested to know opinions about the merits of double bass reflex cabinets versus bass reflex.

If a driver is suited to a BR cabinet, can anything more be gained by a DBR cabinet?

I know they are obviously more complex to build - but not much, really.

If you can indeed get better and lower bass from a DBR, what is the trade-off? (Nature nearly always has a trade-off!)




2007-11-18 4:51 am
IMO, double BR is better, Because the box is tuned to 2 different frequencies, Below and above the FS of the driver, Therefore It has more control of the driver's motion over wider frequency range. Not only that, Double BR is less sensetive to driver's parameter changes, As driver changes mechanical qualities over time.

The drawback of DBR is that it is larger than a BR.