Don´t waste time with changing op-amps

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Sometimes you need to also look at the whole circuit or analog stage. Op amps aren't as plug and play as we are led to believe just because the voltage and pin configuration is the same.

Compare data sheets between the old and new and look for ideal decoupling cap values, resistor values and look at the ideal circuits they illustrate on the data sheet. You may see things that don't get great results in your set up. Also address the circuit as a whole. Maybe the output caps need a different value as well as the other components past the output of the op amp.

Unless you have already done all that and it is ideal for the op amp, then it is what it is. Otherwise give it some thought and maybe try some other changes too!

Good luck!

What Duroboros said is something to research. A nice sounding piece of equipment isn't just a DAC or op amp. It is a balanced recipe, so check to see that the recipe is there to begin with!

Maybe try a pair of OPA627s with a browndog adapter. I replaced my 5534s with them and they are warmer and fuller with detail and presence.. However, they require two and the adapter per channel. The 627s go for anywhere around $12.00 and up. Be careful of counterfeits as TI hasn't made a batch in quite some time. Also be aware that the components around them will need to be tweaked as the ideal components for the 5532s aren't exactly the same.

Good luck
John007 said:
You are right, but LME49720H are crappy amplifiers, they are even brighter then NE5532, it is absolute arrogance wanted 10 USD for the piece, these junk amps aren´t worth 10 cent. Engineers at National Semiconductor should visit ear specialist.
.. and you have tested this with a high-end pcb, I mean highest possible quality in material and in copper pattern? Did you come to this conclusion with a single sided pcb?

Many tweakers draw their conclusions from a non-optimal environment for the test oapmp.
I have seccond DAC, first was Zhaolu, in both DAC´s NE5530 sounded horrible, it is not circuit it is crappy op-amps, i sell tube preamps, they sound great comparing to op-amps, even my 22 years old Delco radio in my Oldsmobile sounds great, because there are no op-amps.:bawling:
I just have to warn you that the 5534s I replaced sounded very nice. I wanted warmer and more detail so I went for the 627s but the 5534s were very impressive. The 5534 is the single version of the 5532.

There may be something to what Duro said. Even some of the lowest op amps can sound very good in their ideal setup. Also maybe what the DAC is handing off to the Analog stage may be part of the blame. Maybe the DAC needs to be optimized first.

However, the BB op amps are known for being warmer. So if that is your only complaint then maybe that will be the answer but they are only so much warmer and detailed. Your guess is as good as mine! You may be back in the same place.

P-A, what do I look for visually? Thanks!
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.