Doing a Restoration of Thorens TD 165

Purchased an old TD 165 from Used Victoria dot com in fairly good shape but with issues as per the story and videos linked below:

Vintage Thorens TD-165 Turntable for Restoration | Audiokarma Home Audio Stereo Discussion Forums

Really looking for a place (other than Sound Hounds please - read post #54 in AK Thread above) to take my TT and get it tuned and setup correctly once I receive all the bits I ordered in the mail. I believe the suspension and motor alignment is all out of wack and I have club like hands. Any recommendations for a TT Tuner dude in Victoria, BC?
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The knocking sound coming from the motor is not unusual. The good news is it likely isn't audible through the speakers. It is due to wear in the bearings inside the motor. If you Google a bit you will see kits available on-line which basically add a small thrust bearing on the bottom of the motor, and which are supposed to fix this condition. I don't think your spindle is bent.

Can't help with services in your area I'm afraid (wrong side of the country).
I also got a M97xe in my Thorens 165... using a Barewald alignment
I'm running it with the brush down at 1.77 grams.

That's it in my avatar.

It sounds great with absolutely no IGD. :)

No real way of eliminating IGD as per:

Even linear trackers/tangential drives reproduce as it is in the architecture of the medium. You can minimize via technics but never eliminate IMHO...

"Records are not constant velocity, only constant speed. Its turning at the same speed any where on the record. However the velocity changes as the diameter decreases as the arm gets closer to the label even with tangential trackers or pivot arms. So the data rate per inch of groove changes. So if the distortion is being caused by the higher density towards the inner grooves then no it wont help eliminating"