• WARNING: Tube/Valve amplifiers use potentially LETHAL HIGH VOLTAGES.
    Building, troubleshooting and testing of these amplifiers should only be
    performed by someone who is thoroughly familiar with
    the safety precautions around high voltages.

does this look like a joke to you?

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I have the impression the consensus seems to be, this thing just might blow up or just not work when you first turn it on.
It seems to be assembled from pirated parts...note the "recycled" power transformer....this is a very old & cruddy transformer, no doubt salvaged from something else. Note the perfboard (Circuitboard), no pictures from underneath. It probably looks quite crude under that board. Then, the rusty screws holding the power socket.....why are those screws rusty?????Were they salvaged, as in, rusty before the unit was built? Or, has it been in an environment of high humidity...as the rest of the screws seem to be not rusty...I would guess the former. This seems to be a true handbuilt unit...as in this is the only one. Chances are the ad will go down as soon as it is sold.
Fifty bucks? OK deal, might not last long, would be a good starting point for a full rebuild/redesign. Watch out for postage costs.

The Answer...(my 2 cents)

This is made from 6N4 chinese tubes (So it says). These are similar to the 12AX7's I believe...

The power transformer is a salvage job, anywhere from the '70's on back. No telling on the power supply tube...

I have no information on the 6N3, as there aren't any datasheets on it in english....

The Alps Pot is probably a salvage too, but still worth some money...

The diodes, as well as several other components are from the '70's or latter...

I'd say that if you could get it back to the US for $50, go for it. Look it over and fire her up...just don't use good equipment. I keep a crap amp and several crap speakers around just for testing unknown stuff like this.
does this look like a joke to you?

Yes. Well, not a joke, but a low line commercial parasitism on the current rage, or something, for tubes. If the (undoubtedly cheesy) box looks worth the freight to you, and you need a (cheesy) box, by all means jump.

Meanwhile, for the box, Chung (VT4C Studios) has very much nicer boxes for very little more, and all the other niceties (knobs, wire, li'dat) you might need.

As far as the actual circuit in the thing, if it's using a 12AX7 variant, you don't want it anyway. There are at least three (including m'self) guys here on the list who can provide you with a vastly better plot.

Of course, I'm the bestest most awesomenest. But you knew that.

Cheap Chinese junk is cheap Chinese junk. Law of God.


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