does SRC help resolution?

Hi there,

I'm new to digital audio so if my questions sound dumb don't laugh. I'm planning to build an outboard DAC with CS8420 and CS43122, and found myself somewhat confused with SRC. My question is:

what resolution of data do I have at the output of CS8420, if it's set to work at 24/96 output formats but the input data is 16bit cd audio? Do I get 24bit resolution data or do I still get 16 bit data but in 24bit word size format? I also have same questions about what is going on in an over-sampling filter like DF1704.

I do feel the need to grab a couple of books, but may someone please shed some quick light on this? Thanks!
Actually nothing much changes when you make the bits more and the frequency higher for the same signal. What you win is that the analog filter at the output is at a higher frequency. usually 40-45 KHz so that the bandwidth in the audio region till 20KHz is not effected at all from the digital signals and you dont have strong phase shifts from the output filter.